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Make that Razor Go the Extra Mile!

If you use disposable razor blades, odds are they get dull more quickly than you’d like. Instructables points us to a video demonstration showing how to extend their utility with a pair of blue jeans.

In this video, a DIYer testifies of how he kept his disposable razor’s blade sharp for 6 months! Odds are you’ll definitely want to try this, might I suggest using a pair of jeans that you wouldn’t want to be as smooth as a baby’s bottom?

Other tips to help you stretch that metal dollar sign:

  1. simply drying your blades after using them can up their shelf life
  2. soak them in a glass of rubbing alcohol(The alcohol displaces the water and prevents oxygen from reaching the blade. Two of natures sure fire dullers for sharp edges)
  3. blow dry your razor (lol)
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