FlyScreen Puts Calendars, Weather, and More on Your Phone’s Lock Screen

Android/Symbian: FlyScreen saves you the trouble of unlocking, clicking, and waiting for an app to open to get calendar items, weather updates, SMS messages, or most anything else by putting swipe-accessible widgets on your “lock” screen.

Anything you can grab from an RSS feed can be loaded into FlyScreen, but the developers have included a healthy set of custom news feeds in their widget gallery (note to developers: we wouldn’t mind being included next to our brother Gizmodo). What’s really convenient, though, are the Calendar and SMS access widgets. Click a day, and you’ll see all your appointments, and your most recent text messages can be stored one screen over, without having to awaken your phone and dig into your apps.

As an experienced Android (or under-performing Symbian) user probably knows, the more widgets you load into FlyScreen, the more likely you are to experience battery drain and slowdown. You can tweak FlyScreen’s dependency on your system by adjusting its refresh times and limiting widget screens, though, so you might find a happy medium between at-a-glance information and please-just-let-me-get-to-the-browser moments.

FlyScreen is a free download for Android and Symbian phones, requires an account sign-up to use.

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In the Palm(c) of My Hand

Technology giant Palm Inc claims to have found its niche…a niche that most uppity smart phone companies over look…or so they say. Palm introduced us to the Centro in Fall 2007, the smallest and cheapest smart phone to-date. The little beauty was targeted to “entry-level” smart phone users and Palm went all out sponsoring the latest teenage fwaps (my word) like MTVU.

Well Palm recently released its revolutionary Palm Pre, piloting and even more revolutionary Web OS. The phone worked wonders in their battle against Big Brother and won over several iPhone users whose chief complaint was the iPhone’s inability to run multiple apps at once. Still, users complained about the price, the bulkiness, and quit frankly, the weird design of the smartphone.

Well yesterday Palm Inc announced an answer to all the naysayers out there (right before Apple announced its new line of iPods and other technical dohickeys mind you). The Palm Pixie is said to correct everything that went wrong with its big brother….and amazingly, it is going to cost less than the Palm Pre…which already costs less than the iPhone.

So all you wanna-be smart phoners out there, look for Pixie’s release this holiday season and be a smart consumer…after all, part of being frugal is being smart.

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