How to Make Your Commute More Productive – 7 Tips

It’s amazing how much time we spend commuting to school.

Here are 7 productivity tips for your daily commute:

1. Listen to audiobooks or podcasts to expand your mind.
One easy way to stay productive while driving is to simply listen to audiobooks or podcasts that interest you. Expose yourself to new ideas and new subjects. You can also polish your foreign language skills by choosing podcasts or audiobooks in that language.

2. Review flash cards.
When I was an undergrad, my walk from my dorm room to my classes was nearly 2 miles. I spent this time reviewing flash cards for my classical Latin and Greek language courses. Here are some great websites to download flashcards:

3. Set your goals for the day.
Take a few minutes to think about your goals for the week. If you’re driving, you can record your goals on a digital voice recorder, or use your phone’s voice mail system.

4. Critique and proof your papers.
If you take public transportation, pull out a paper you’re working on and start proofing. Don’t just look for grammatical mistakes, but also analyze the argumentation and structure.

5. Review class notes.
It’s difficult to get any serious reading done while commuting, so that’s why skimming class notes is a great way to stay productive. This is only recommended if you walk to class or take public transportation.

6. Return phone calls and/or text messages.
If you owe anyone a phone call, then you could use this time to make phone calls. You could also take this time to call up classmates and set a time to study.

7. Practice breathing exercises.
An easy way to help you reduce anxiety and stress is to practice deep breathing. There are a number of other benefits — like helping you feel more awake, and helping you think more clearly. It’s a perfect way to spend your commute.

How do you stay productive during your commute?


Free! Quiz Creator 3.0 (Today Only!)

So I’m starting a new series called “Free!” and it’s going to be all the college-related and generally cool free stuff out there haplessly waiting to be discovered.

Today, I have an excellent one, sponsored by the fine folks at Giveaway of The Day, it is a software that lets you create quizzes! I love my laptop and anything that allow me to integrate technology into my study schedule is a plus in my book! Quiz Creator makes quizzes in flash format so you can use it on your computer, or upload it to your website and share with your users. It has a sleek Microsoft Office interface and lots of templates and interactivity.

For a comprehensive review click here.

For a video tour click here.

You can download it straight from the GOTD website here.

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